Archie Radio Commercial
Kips Radio Commercial
Mars - Share your Energy
Klein Café de Wereld
The Smurfs
Rabobank Amsterdam
Café de WereldCup
Durex Radio Campagne
Normen en Waarden
Music Trailer "Tayfun"
Café de Wereld 2004 - 2006
Café de Wereld 2003 - 2004
Phileine zegt sorry

music Music

Maison Sonique composes music for:

  • Commercials (radio, television, and cinema)
  • Jingles for televisionprograms
  • Scores for movies and televisionprograms
  • Theaterproductions
  • Websites

René is also a musician and plays piano, synthesizer, drums, tabla, djembé,
didgeridoo, jewsharp and several percussioninstruments.
He also practises (tibetan) uppertone singing.

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