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PT Plug in Manager is a little program for all Digidesign Protools users who have the need to manage their plug-ins. With this little app you can disable and enable your plug-ins.
It can also check version of duplicates and if you own a waves bundle, you can manage these waves plug-ins in the same window.

This is the first full version available after the beta's. So what's new:

  • No more buttons at the bottom of the windows. All functions can be accessed in the toolbar.
  • One main window for both your default- and wavesplugins.
  • Right-click menu.
  • Drag & Drop your plugins in the main-window for installing your plugins.
  • Setup Assistant.
  • Rename your plugins.
  • and some other stuff...

And there a still a few thing missing:
  • Load and save sets. We'll be back in the next version.
  • Dutch Localization.

Download current version: LE 1.0 (460KB)


PT Plug-in Manager is shareware. If you find it usefull, please register your copy.
Make a donation with Paypal and you'll get your response code as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions or bug-reports, please feel free to email me.
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